Statistical Significance
Modern businesses create heaps of data. They also run countless models on a consistent basis to find results. These results help to prove a concept or point they are trying to make. With these results, stakeholders can make crucial data-backed business decisions. But this can all mean nothing if you don't understand whether or not the models you're running and resulting data are even valid.
data warehouse tools
Not all data warehouses are created equal, and some are better suited for different use cases and customers. If you’re wondering “Which cloud data warehouse is best for me?”, this article is for you. We’ll discuss 5 of the top data warehouse tools so that you can make the right choice for your business.
digital analytics trends
Digital technologies have reshaped the business landscape of countless industries, dramatically boosting productivity and efficiency. Yet far too many companies […]
Introduction Capturing web analytics data about how users interact with your website may be one of the most crucial tasks […]
Statistics Cheat Sheet
This statistics cheat sheet will serve as a quick primer in data science by explaining three concepts.