kpi metrics
Data can unearth a whole lot about how your business is doing, so you can make more informed decisions. For […]
machine learning
The digital age is seeing a paradigm shift in consumerism, where a great deal of sales are closed via eCommerce […]
cost per acquisition
Introduction The growth of digital advertising shows no sign of slowing down, and for many businesses, digital ads have become […]
Funnel Analysis
In all websites that conduct some form of online transactions, the conversion funnel is the part where visitors turn into […]
a/b testing
When you design an ad campaign, many of the variables you choose to use may seem arbitrary. However, even minor changes such as color, font, or image selection can make a substantial difference in converting visitors or followers to customers. Before you commit to a single ad concept or pitch wording, test your advertising to see just how effective it can be.
predictive analytic techniques
It might sound a little dry, but even math-challenged people can master predictive analytics. Here is what you need to know.
Women In Analytics
If you're a woman in the analytics field - or just someone who wants to know the latest and greatest developments - the 2020 Women in Analytics (WIA) conference is a must-attend.
Funnel Analytics
Funnel analysis is the process of telling you who bailed and when -- but most importantly, why.
Customer Loyalty Analytics
We are living in the world of big data. Businesses are popping up everywhere, and customers have a variety of options available. Understanding customer loyalty analytics is the key to improving your customer experience. An improved experience makes for long-term happy customers.
digital marketing funnel
More and more people are turning to the internet for products/ services. This has forced businesses to understand the importance of using a digital marketing funnel. Some of its significant benefits to your business include.