ironFocus is led by a dedicated and talented group of data experts who have 40+ years of combined experience in this field. Our mission is to provide clients with comprehensive and useful data insights that will allow their business to better serve and grow their customer base.

derek mccallum avatar
Derek McCallum

Derek has been a senior executive over information technology, marketing, & operations in primarily higher education settings. He loves being the “idea guy” in difficult business situations and forms solutions based on data and facts rather than emotion or beliefs. He likes being the senior manager that still spends 2 hours a day in a query window.

craig jacobs avatar
Craig Jacobs

Craig has grown up in the hospitality industry driving technology for hotels, food and beverage, retail, gaming and entertainment. Craig has often been called “the human interface” because of his ability to summarize complex technology solutions into digestible narratives.

nick hachman avatar
Nick Hachman

Nick has spent most of his technology career in the higher education industry, and most recently in the rapidly growing senior health insurance industry, leveraging technology and data to improve lead generation and sales. He is a “master technician” whose mind immediately goes to work on finding the right solution to complex business problems.

Robby Moses
Robby Moses

Robby has spent most of his career as a consultant helping clients find creative solutions to their specific business problems. He loves being the innovator in any team to help improve efficiency and compliance through means of automation and programmatic solutions. He also enjoys finding ways to deliver important insights to assist businesses in making pivotal business decisions based on key metrics.