Our approach to data is all about transparency. We want to provide you with the clearest insight into your company’s data. That’s where our work begins. We improve the health of your data, detect patterns and offer solutions to the problems we find.

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Comprehensive Audit & Assessment

Our first step will always be to examine the current state of your data in support of your business processes. We will map out the customer process together from click to revenue. We then ensure that there is no data loss, attribution issues, and that every step of your customer journey is being tracked appropriately. We will present to you the full scope of the conditions we find in our assessment to include our approach to fixing them.

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Services Proposal & Transition

Once both parties have a full understanding of the scope of work, we will propose one of our service packages to meet the short- and long-term data needs. When the contract is signed, responsibility for the data will be transitioned to the ironFocus team to deliver rapid results.

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Delivery of Services

We will provide your team with streamlined reports, pattern insights, analysis and solutions for your most complex data dilemmas. We will propose options to optimize your internal processes, giving you the tools and information your company needs to make quick and accurate decisions.


Continuous Monitoring & Improvement

Our work doesn’t end there. We will constantly monitor your data and lead generation flow to make sure that the customer journey is as friction-free as possible. We provide on-going solutions to improve the health of of your data and the efficiency of your internal processes. Data maturity requires care and feeding as the business changes. We will ensure nothing backslides and that continuous improvement is at the forefront.