Consultation & Data Maturity

We take a consultative approach to our partnerships. We want you to get the most out of your data. That’s why we walk with you step by step to transform the data you have into powerful information. We do this to give you a robust data solution that meets your decision-making needs. In short, we want your marketing and sales data maturity to stay ahead of your business maturity so you are on top of the game.

STEP 1: Audit Data Health and Attribution

We help clients is by letting them see what is working and what is not. This is done through data health and attribution audits.

These audits let us see any gaps that are present in your current data solution and model.

That way we can get you to a better data solution.

STEP 2: Integrate, Attribute, and Repair Data

Don’t worry about all the technical details.

We’ll handle all the backend work. We’ll make sure all your systems are properly connected and that customer data is flowing between them.

We’ll tie all of the customer identifiers and attribution across systems and make sure we can trace customers from initial interest to revenue.

STEP 3: Establish a Data Management Foundation

While data accessibility is the end goal, the systems and data architecture is the hidden backend of the whole operation. Without a solid backend, the front-end analytics and reporting will be useless.

Thus, our team establishes solid data architecture on which reliable reporting and analysis can be built.

STEP 4: Retrieve, Store, and Model Data

Do you need to model and store all your data? We’ll build out Data Pipelines (ETL/ELT), Data Lakes, Data Warehouses to extract and store your data. 

We then perform Data Sanitation, Data Orchestration, and Data Modeling so your data is organized, clean, and ready for reporting.

STEP 5: Visualize and Activate Data

Once we have set up the backend, it it’s time for the fun!

With a reliable data foundation we provide you with personalized full funnel reports and dashboards. This is where customer data comes alive, better decisions are made, and growth happens. 

STEP 6: Continuously Monitor & Improve

Data maturity requires care and feeding as your business changes. We will constantly monitor your data maturity and health to make sure that nothing backslides and that continuous improvement is at the forefront.

This includes providing new reports, insights, and solutions that fuel growth and optimize your funnel. 


Our Focus is Your Value

Your ironFocus team will be completely dedicated to data analysis and maturity. We focus 100% of our time, energy and resources towards identifying, storing and analyzing your company’s data.

pie chart comparing divided focus versus full focus

Engage Your Data Insights

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