Customized Data Solutions for Marketing & Sales Leaders

We have put together an amazing team of individuals who can talk shop with marketing and sales leaders while simultaneously being experts in the systems and data within. Most of all, we love growing businesses. We maintain an “iron focus” on the right KPIs and Metrics that will quickly improve customer acquisition and profitability when acted upon. Below are solutions we eat, sleep, and breathe daily.

Marketing and Sales Attribution Modeling

Any marketer knows that marketing attribution is important. However, even if you have the data, finding meaningful insights is a challenge.  What attribution model do you use?  How do you act on single and multi-touch attribution data? We can tailor a solution by understanding your business and the desired growth strategy. 

Customer Funnel Reports and Dashboards

We want to give you full visibility to your sales funnel. Through full funnel reporting and analytics, you’ll see the numbers on your customers’ journeys from impression to conversion. This will let you know what marketing strategies and sales tactics are working. Then you will be able to perfect your strategy to produce the best ROI.

“Follow the Dollar” Reports & Dashboards

We provide you with in-depth “cost per per” reports. We want you to see how much it costs for a prospective customer to make it through each step of the funnel. Want to know your CPA, we have you covered. Or what about the LTV of a customer, we have that too. We’ll help you pinpoint the marketing and sales tactics that most efficiently generate desired business outcomes based on cost. 

Team Performance Against Budgets & Plans 

Performance matters and gone are the days of trusting in employee generated reports full of confirmation bias and inconsistent definitions. We set up tracking for you KPI’s against budgets and plans so that you can stay on top of production quotas and company goals. Leaders should spend more time coaching and less time preparing data to identify coaching opportunities. Management will be able evaluate teams and employees fairly, accurately, and timely leading to performance gains!

Time Period Comparison & Deltas

Are we doing better than last year…last month…. last week…these are frequent questions that should have quick definitive answers. We model your data so that you can compare granular marketing and sales tactics over any time period. We will calculate all variances, deltas, ups, and downs and we’ll even color code them to help you zero in and take action.

Predictive Analytics and Forecasting

It’s one thing to know what has happened historically with your sales and marketing. It’s a whole different thing when you can start peering into the future. We’re not talking about a crystal ball. We’re talking about data. We set up your data to give you a feel for what’s coming. That way you don’t have to fly blind into your future investments and decisions.

Not Seeing the Your Solution?

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