Poor Attribution is Silently Killing Your Business

Marketing attribution has been in the spotlight for many years with endless tools and strategies for marketers to choose from.  Do you want first touch attribution, first lead attribution, last touch attribution, or…..let’s face it, it’s complicated!   But despite the tools and strategies you have chosen, the bigger question is whether or not it’s accurate.  Our attribution audits reveal time and time again that marketing attribution data is not accurate and it’s silently killing your business.  

Marketing Attribution Tools Do Not Solve the Problem

We love marketing attribution tools and technologies like everyone else, but the reality is that this is not an “install and forget it” situation.      The marketing landscape is complicated with numerous paid and organic marketing channels being utilized.   In addition the way we capture interest/leads could involve web forms, landing pages, phone numbers, live chat, bots, surveys, emails, …..the list goes on and on.   

Endless Customer Journeys Complicate Things

A prospect clicks a non-branded Google Paid search ad and hits your landing page, sees your brand, visits your main brand site within the same browsing session,  clicks to start a live chat, and eventually ends up as a hand entered chat agent lead in your CRM. Now the question, can that lead and the corresponding sales/revenue be attributed back to Google Paid search as a touch point? What about the other touch points?   Probably not and that’s a problem!

We Will Perform a Marketing Attribution Audit and Put Your Mind at Ease

This is where we come in.   We map every lead journey from active marketing sources through all capture mediums into your system of record. Next, we ensure sourcing is preserved based on your chosen attribution model through all paths.  Lastly, you get a detailed audit listing every issue and best practice recommendations on how to fix them.  Our team can also step in and repair your attribution issues if needed. 

Contact us now to request an audit!

Marketing Attribution Audit Diagram

Marketing Attribution Audit Diagram