If there’s anything the data age has taught modern businesses, it’s that each generation has a mind of its own. […]
The act of segmentation analysis takes a look at each of those smaller sections and finds the unique consumer needs within each segment.
Mobile advertising is one of the most effective ways to get your brand noticed. In addition to ensuring your marketing is slick and engaging, you should ensure that your ads are relevant to your target market. Read on to learn all you need to know about MAIDs.
Your marketing efforts should obviously be well-rounded, but mastering behavioral segmentation is a must. In fact, it’s something that consumers expect.
RFM analysis is alive and well. It’s a simple and efficient way to use quantitative data – like sales records – to get a meaningful impression of clients.
There are many different ways of thinking about marketing, but one, in particular, stands out in this modern age of online marketing. It is called STP.
Modern businesses create heaps of data. They also run countless models on a consistent basis to find results. These results help to prove a concept or point they are trying to make. With these results, stakeholders can make crucial data-backed business decisions. But this can all mean nothing if you don't understand whether or not the models you're running and resulting data are even valid.
It's time that you begin applying this turnkey strategy to identify and analyze your target market.
Audience segmentation is the process of organizing your market into groups and sub-groups on the basis of shared characteristics.
Demographic Segmentation
Demographic segmentation is one market research tool you should use to better understand your customers. Segmentation helps you create customer profiles that allow you to target your marketing strategies more effectively.