Hobsons + ironFocus

Hobsons is the preferred CRM for a lot of schools and colleges. It can be a powerful solution for targeted marketing that helps you close more leads. However, a lot of times, educational institutions can fail to unleash the potential of Hobsons CRM.

It is possible that custom reports can unravel insights that help you up your marketing game. Similarly, a real-time integration with a chatbot can enable more leads landing in your CRM. At ironFocus, we gauge whether your business can benefit from advanced customizations or third-party Hobsons integrations.

We improve your lead generation and conversion rates by building custom solutions using Hobsons CRM.

The Potential of Your Hobsons CRM Data

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A CRM, at its most basic, is about relationship building with leads and existing customers. By tracking information such as demographics and browsing history, you can personalize your messaging. However, what if we told you a CRM can do so much more? 

For instance, data you collect through your CRM can support marketing attribution models.

Attribution models can unlock new insights into marketing strategies. You can even find new ways to keep your existing students engaged to increase your graduation rates, and ultimately, the reputation of your institution. Correct marketing attribution requires integration of all your marketing data and its accurate annotation.

We are experts at integrating external marketing data to optimize your funnels. By deploying custom Hobsons integrations, such as those with third-party email tools, we help you get the most out of your data.Real-time integrations with chatbots, automated engagement campaigns, better data pipelines – there is a lot we can do through Hobsons integrations.

How ironFocus Hobsons Integration Works

At ironFocus, we eat, breathe, and sleep marketing. At the same time, we are coders, too. Using these twin capabilities, we improve your Hobsons data structures so you get deep, actionable insights. We follow a tailor-made approach when it comes to Hobsons integrations. We will analyze the exact goals of your business and build solutions that help you meet those goals.

It could be that your business needs a centralized analytics platform that takes data from Hobsons CRM and other tools you use. Or it could be that your business can benefit from data enrichment solutions that automate a lot of your marketing campaigns. At the end of the day, it is about better funnels and better understanding of your target audience.

We can also help with migration between CRM tools. You might be in the middle of transitioning to Hobsons CRM, or you might want to migrate away from it. In either case, we can help make the journey really smooth for you. At ironFocus, we optimize your investment in data.

Unlock the potential of your Hobsons CRM data.

How our approach can impact your business:

  • Increase your graduation rates.
  • Improve the experience of education for your students.
  • Spend marketing dollars where they matter most.