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Insightly is one of the most accessible CRMs on the market, working on a freemium cost model that fits the budget of most small and medium sized businesses. But its ease of use and cost-effectiveness may hide the the fact that it’s actually a highly functional CRM tool. Many companies underutilize Insightly, through simple lack of full investigation of its capabilities.

ironFocus, a team of highly skilled consultants, helps businesses make the most out of Insightly. The result is better functionality and the opportunity to use the data you glean from Insightly to develop actionable business insights.

Know the Full Potential of Insightly CRM

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Insightly CRM was developed in 2011. Its founder wanted a CRM that could integrate with Google Apps, since no other product on the market at that time fit that goal. Since then it’s become popular with small and medium sized businesses who choose either the free version, or one of a few premium models that have additional features.

This CRM is designed to give you a single picture of all of your customer data, while letting you focus in on the entire sales journey of a single contact. It also connects the sales cycle with the implementation phase, linking relevant sales information with project management functionality.

Insightly works with the tools that most small businesses already use, like Microsoft Office and Gmail. As the platform has grown in user base and sophistication, it has added a number of different integrations that can help you streamline and optimize your sales process.

There are a number of ways to make the most out of Insightly. Businesses can use its more robust features to boost its sales funnel management in times of rapid growth. With the help of our consultants at ironFocus, you can also use your data to make strategic and effective business decisions.

How ironFocus Can Help

ironFocus provides Insightly users with the knowledge they need to optimize their CRM. That starts with an analysis of your business’ current CRM usage and its effectiveness. From there, we assess different options to improve your CRM utilization so you can meet your business goals.

Among the factors we consider are:
• Potential for improved utilization of Insightly, through use of a different product package or better knowledge of the platform’s capabilities;
• Potential for improved CRM through integration with other business tools.

That is just the beginning. Once we have worked with you to determine how to get a fully functional CRM, we implement the agreed upon strategy and monitor its effectiveness over time.

Apart from improving your CRM, ironFocus gives you additional data insights to improve your business intelligence. This is through such strategies as using your Insightly data in conjunction with data from other systems, so you have a full and complete picture of the customer journey.

In some cases, clients have decided Insightly is no longer working for them. In that case, they want a strategic partner in the transition to a new CRM. ironFocus consultants are just such a strategic partner, and can handle data migrations out of Insightly into a new data system.

Businesses of all sizes are focused on results. As consultants, our success is fully aligned with the success of our clients. That’s why ironFocus wants to help you achieve the results you need. As a team-based service, we help you get the most out of Insightly and the invaluable data you have gathered about your sales funnel.

To learn how we can help you reach your business goals, contact ironFocus today.

ironFocus helps you move beyond sales to develop intelligence around:

  • High value customers
  • Future customer behavior based on predictive insights
  • Opportunities for reliable growth
  • KPIs for sales teams