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CampusNexus CRM is a user-friendly tool that can help colleges drive student success. More successful students translates to better reputation, which ultimately means population growth for an institution. However, a lot of times, educational institutions might not be using CampusNexus to its full potential. When used in conjunction with other tools, it can unlock deep insights that can help colleges and universities be more proactive with their student engagement strategy.

At ironFocus, we help you find out if you can benefit from CampusNexus CRM integrations. We deploy integrations that are best suited to your overall goals, so you get the most out of your data investments.

The Potential of Your CampusNexus CRM Data

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The modern student lifecycle has become increasingly staggered across platforms and devices. It is more important than ever to engage with students proactively in order to increase your recruitment and retention rates. However, to engage meaningfully requires a 360-degree view of the entire student journey and associated KPIs. That’s where marketing attribution comes in. 

Put simply, the right attribution model can answer key questions such as what kind of event campaigns are working and where most of your recruitment is coming from.

However, for accurate marketing attribution, data from all the consumer-touchpoints needs to be integrated. That calls for CampusNexus CRM integrations, which can be really complex. For instance, if you have a mobile app, mobile attribution data can be key to getting the full picture of student engagement. In the current landscape, you need to build custom solutions to get mobile attribution data into your data pipeline.

ironFocus has experts who can build truly integrated data pipelines that flow into CampusNexus CRM. Our data pipelines give you accurate attribution data, which unearth key insights into your business.

These include but are not limited to:

• Identifying crucial KPIs for your recruitment team

• Predicting student outcomes

• Identifying new opportunities for event campaigns based on ROI

• Preempting student behavior to improve retention rates

How ironFocus CampusNexus CRM Integration Works

At ironFocus, any CampusNexus CRM integration begins with structuring data. We analyze your data flows and spot important data that you might be missing out on. Once we have got the data structure in place, we think of the best way to analyze it.

Different organizations need different solutions. For instance, a university will benefit from a centralized analytics platform that integrates CampusNexus CRM data from across its campuses and program offerings. For others, improving existing CampusNexus CRM integrations might address the problem.

Our solutions also include bulk data migration for cases where you are switching from one CRM to another or have an older legacy system with data in it. We take care of real-time integrations when transitioning, so your business does not lose out on any data during this time.

There is a wealth of information hidden in your CampusNexus CRM data. Unlock the hidden value and take your business to the next level.

Our Expertise is Education

  • We understand data technology in education.
  • We understand how different departments of a college or a university work.
  • We propose solutions that bring people and technology together.
  • We address your institution as a whole.