Microsoft SQL Server + ironFocus

One of the leading relational database management systems, Microsoft SQL Server is a powerful solution for data storage and transaction processing. The data it stores is a treasure trove of business intelligence. However, to extract customer insights from the data, it needs to talk to other parts of your tech ecosystem. That’s the job of Microsoft SQL Server integrations.

We optimize data flows between MS SQL Server and other tools in your tech stack, so you can execute your data strategy flawlessly. We plug data leaks, remove bottlenecks, and make sure you can access every bit of customer information that you capture for analysis.

Microsoft SQL Server Integration for Better Marketing Attribution

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Attribution models are key to understanding how your marketing campaigns are performing. 

The right attribution models can tell you what your customers are responding to, the most, and where you should concentrate your efforts on. For accurate attribution modeling, the quality of data, and how it flows in your system are key.

One of our goals with Microsoft SQL Server integration is to enable the database platform to talk to other parts of your sales and marketing ecosystem, efficiently. These could be ERPs, CRMs, third-party apps, and even other databases. 

With improved integration, you get access to more customer information, which can be fed into a data warehouse for more in-depth customer insights.

You might be losing out on critical customer insights due to incomplete Microsoft SQL Server integrations. We can help you unleash the full potential of the database platform.

How ironFocus Microsoft SQL Server Integration Works

Customer data lies at the heart of any successful sales and marketing campaign. And that’s where we begin. We analyze your customer journeys, the data points you are collecting, and how they are flowing within your system. We compare the customer insights you are getting vis-a-vis your business goals. Based on all of that information, we suggest a Microsoft SQL Server integration approach that’s best for your enterprise.

It could be that you can benefit from making MS SQL Server your central transactional database. Likewise, it could be that your ETL pipelines from the database platform to a data warehouse need to be optimized. Similarly, inefficiencies in existing integrations might be resulting in data redundancies that need fixing. Our bespoke approach to integration allows us to enable better customer insights for your enterprise.

We have the advantage of being tech-geeks who understand how the various functions of a business, work. Optimization of the technical side of things, such as better monitoring capability, isn’t the end goal for us. Instead, we use it as a means to make your customer data strategy more efficient, scalable, and tuned for growth.

Let us help you get the maximum out of your customer data. Reach out to us for help with Microsoft SQL Server integrations.

Possible solutions to your integration problems:

  • Make MS SQL Server your central transactional database
  • Optimize your ETL pipelines from the database platform to your data warehouse
  • Eliminate inefficiencies in existing integration and data redundancies