Marketo + ironFocus

Marketo is one of the most popular marketing automation platforms out there. It can help you automate drip campaigns, lead generation through web forms, and other marketing workflows. While marketing automation can be powerful, it can go beyond just freeing up time for your team. It can help you get a lot more out of your marketing dollars. But for that, you need Marketo integrations.

It is possible that deploying Marketo in your existing tech stack has led to data inconsistencies, such as duplicate customer records? Any inconsistencies in your data can hurt your conversion rates.

We can help you fix such issues and make sure you are using Marketo to its full potential. Through Marketo integration, we enable better marketing funnels for your business, and ultimately, better profits.

Unleash the Full Potential of Marketo

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Marketo, at its most basic, can engage your leads and customers through automated emails and pushing content to your social media channels. On its own, it is useful for nurturing leads. 

However, that is an inefficient way of doing things. Marketo can be a lot more powerful when it can fetch data from other tools in your system and feed data into them. Imagine the potential when Marketo integrates with your CRM, for instance.

At ironFocus, we use Marketo to improve your data pipelines and customer analytics. Better data pipelines translate to better marketing attribution, which can be key to unlocking your business’ growth.

Proper attribution can answer a lot of important questions for your business, such as what marketing channels to focus on, what kind of content to create for better lead generation, and what KPIs to track for calculating ROI.

Move beyond simply automating workflows with Marketo. There is a lot that the platform can achieve when optimally integrated with other tools.

How ironFocus Marketo Integration Works

We always take a customized approach to Marketo. Every business is different, with its unique goals, challenges, and tech stack. Regardless of how you have implemented Marketo or what other tools you have in place, we will work with you to solve your data challenges.

It all starts with understanding your existing data structures and what can be improved. It could be that data flows can be improved with minimal changes in Marketo. It is also possible that more complex Marketo integrations are needed to achieve your business goals. In either case, we are up to the task.

As a team, we understand technology, and we also understand how different business functions work in an organization. When you hire ironFocus, you hire specialized talent that sets you up for sustained, long-tern success. Schedule a call with us to find out more about our Marketo services.

The integration process for Marketo:

  • Understand your existing data structures
  • Determine if data flows can be improved with minimal changes
  • If needed, implement more complex Marketo integrations to meet your business goals