Zapier + ironFocus

Zapier can be an incredibly powerful tool for marketing automation. By letting your apps talk to each other, the platform can help you reach out to your audience at the most opportune time. However, it can be so much more. When integrated with the rest of your tech stack, it can improve lead generation and conversion rates, significantly.

ironFocus can unlock the power of Zapier’s marketing automation for your business. By carefully analyzing your marketing funnels, we can help you figure out if you can benefit from any customizations.

Through advanced Zapier integration, we enable better funnel analytics for your business and a much improved ROI from your marketing spend.

Zapier Integration for Better Attribution Modeling

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At its most basic, Zapier lets you setup automated marketing workflows. It can trigger a drip email campaign, for instance, based on a form query you receive through your website. Automation, on its own, is only a small part of the marketing puzzle, though.

A marketing automation tool, such as Zapier, generates a lot of useful customer data. When this data talks to other tools in your tech stack, such as your CRM, it can enable powerful attribution models. Attribution models tell you where your customers are spending time online and what kind of content they are responding to.

Such information can help you create new marketing strategies, identify crucial KPIs for ROI measurement, and so much more.

At ironFocus, we unlock the full potential of your data through Zapier integrations. By letting the data flow between the marketing automation tool and other tools that you employ, we build better data pipelines for your business. Better data pipelines translate to deeper business insights, which can inform your overall business strategy.

Let us help you move beyond the basics of Zapier. There is a lot of customer data that might be going unutilized.

How ironFocus Zapier Integration Works

Any integration projects at ironFocus start with understanding the current state of your data. We take stock of the current systems in place and any Zapier workflows that you have already configured. Armed with this information, we give you our unbiased opinion on how you can best utilize the platform in your existing tech stack.

Every Zapier integration is different. It might be that you could benefit from integrating Zapier with your CRM. It could also be that your current automation workflows can be improved with customizations. There are also cases where a centralized data platform that acts as the hub between Zapier and other apps is the ideal solution.

Through Zapier integrations, the ultimate goal is to convert the marketing automation platform into a robust customer data platform.

We are a system agnostic company of experts who live code and breathe marketing and sales. Talk to us about your data problems and any bottlenecks you are encountering when deploying Zapier.

A few ways to use Zapier with your other tools:

  • Integrate Zapier with your CRM
  • Optimize your current automation workflows with Zapier customizations
  • Use a centralized data platform as hub between Zapier and other apps