Python + ironFocus

Are your Python apps well integrated with your data analytics and reporting systems? Are you sure that data from Python scripts is flowing correctly to your CRMs and other apps to trigger appropriate sales and marketing actions? At ironFocus, we work with Python applications for enterprises to enable full funnel-analytics.

With ironFocus, you get access to the most important sales KPIs for your business to improve your data health several folds, all while using your existingPython applications.

Get Data to Work for You With Python Applications

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Python is an incredibly powerful programming language that’s preferred by many organizations. However, for accurate data insights, your Python application needs to integrate with other tools in your IT infrastructure.  Integration often poses data challenges. Different tools such as CRMs and accounting systems use different data formats. 

The problem is exacerbated with legacy systems, most of which are built on older programming languages.

That’s where we come in. We get your Python apps to talk to the rest of your tech ecosystem. We can reverse-engineer existing code to make improvements to it. And we can use our existing tools, or code completely new tools from scratch to meet your data goals.

The purpose: to give you access to the right customer data for optimized funnel marketing. For instance, with Python integration, you are able to see your full customer journeys, right from the first contact to conversion. 

This allows you to build better attribution models, which show you what marketing tactics are working for your business. Based on that information, you can then fine-tune a whole host of inbound marketing strategies such as content marketing, social media advertising, and mobile marketing.

You might be losing out on vital customer insights due to bad code or inefficient data structures. Let us help you achieve your growth potential.

How ironFocus works with Python

It starts with analyzing your existing Python code and underlying data. We see how data is flowing between your Python apps and other systems in your tech stack, such as marketing and accounting tools. We check for any data anomalies, such as data loss and data redundancies, which can affect your business insights. Based on a thorough understanding of your existing data structures, we then build custom solutions for you based on your existing Python applications.

Every enterprise is different. For some, it may be that legacy systems need to be integrated with Python apps. For others, a Python-based centralized dashboard might meet their data goals. It could also be that your existing Python code needs just a little bit of tweaking and you are good to go. We do whatever it takes to optimize your customer data insights.

As experienced marketers who are also expert coders, we help you take your funnel analytics to the next level.

Unlock your growth story. Contact us for full funnel optimization using your Python applications.

How various enterprises can utilize Python:

  • Integrate legacy systems with Python apps
  • Add Python-based centrilized dashboard
  • Adjust exiting Python code to meet marketing and data goals