PL/SQL + ironFocus

PL/SQL programming is the most efficient way to interact with an Oracle database. However, to fully utilize its potential, it is important to understand your data and the kind of insights you need. That’s where ironFocus comes in with targeted optimization of your PL/SQL programming. As coders who understand funnel marketing, we write PL/SQL blocks that allow you to execute complex database queries efficiently.

We can also reverse-engineer existing code to optimize it for your current and future data needs.

Get Better at Data Analytics with Custom PL/SQL Programming

Robust, reliable code is the backbone of data science. However, equally important is a thorough understanding of how enterprises use data to inform their sales and marketing decisions.

At ironFocus, we work with custom PL/SQL programs that substantially increase your querying capacity. Our coding decisions are based on what your enterprise’s data needs and the insights it requires to get ahead of the competition.

With PL/SQL programming, we not only help you get more out of your transactional data but also help you increase workflow efficiency while improving security. For example, with PL/SQL, you can centralize several database applications, which makes them easy to maintain.

With better code at your disposal, you can then focus on running complex queries that give you deeper insights into customer behavior. 

Deeper insights can translate to better marketing attribution, more detailed dashboards, and identification of key KPIs. All of that is crucial to make more informed business decisions.

Sometimes, you might even need optimization of existing code to improve interoperability between different parts of your IT infrastructure. We have coding mavericks who do this every day.

Drastically improve your querying capability with PL/SQL. Get more out of your data investments.

How ironFocus PL/SQL Integration Works

At ironFocus, we are all about building data solutions. The first step towards building any data solution is to understand your business, the kind of data you are collecting, and your data pipelines. Based on that information, we then identify gaps in your data strategy that are stopping you from achieving your growth potential.

We then look at PL/SQL and how PL/SQL programming can solve your data challenges. Sometimes, you might only need optimization of existing code. In other cases, you might need a whole suite of PL/SQL programs to be able to run the kind of queries you want to. There is never one-size-fits-all with data science, and never at ironFocus, anyway.

We always build plug-and-play solutions that address the specific data challenges that your enterprise is facing. We have an experienced team of marketers who eat, sleep, and breathe data every day. And we have an experienced team of coders skilled at several different languages, including PL/SQL. Together, they have helped countless enterprises optimize their funnel analytics, and they can help you, too.

Elevate your data analysis capabilities. Contact us for sales and funnel optimization with PL/SQL.

How ironFocus builds data solutions:

  • Research and understand your business
  • Review the data you are collecting and all data pipelines
  • Identify gaps in your data strategy
  • Determine if PL/SQL programming can solve your data challenges