SOQL + ironFocus

Salesforce has its own query language to extract data from your Salesforce CRM, which is great. Right out of the box though, it can only support basic query functions. A growing enterprise needs deeper data analytic capabilities to thrive. And that’s where ironFocus’s expertise with SOQL programming comes into the picture.

At ironFocus, we work with SOQL to enable efficient data retrieval across your entire suite of apps. By doing so, we give you access to deeper customer insights.

SOQL Programming for Better Funnel Analytics

It takes more than just coding skills to build analytics with a powerful query language such as SOQL. It also takes an intimate understanding of how modern businesses function and what they need to get ahead of the competition. We have both. We are marketers who know how to code.

With SOQL programming, we enable you to run complex queries against your Salesforce data so you can get granular insights into customer behavior. 

We can even integrate it with other tools in your tech ecosystem such that you can use SOQL together with other tools to run more in-depth queries in a more efficient manner. For instance, we can integrate Salesforce with Drupal such that you can use SOQL with diverse tools to query Salesforce data.

It is about translating your analytic needs into a scalable, reliable, and efficient workflow. Better data analytics translate to richer dashboards, which allow you to recognize the right KPIs for your business.

More in-depth data also forms the basis for more advanced marketing attribution models. Accurate attribution modeling can save you precious marketing dollars and add fuel to your growth strategy.

Go beyond the basics of SOQL and discover customer insights that unleash your growth potential.

How ironFocus Works With SOQL

It all starts with understanding your business and your data goals. We analyze your customer journeys, the tools in your tech stack, and the Salesforce data you are gathering. We compare that information against your short-term and long-term business goals. Based on that analysis, we customize SOQL such that you get access to the customer insights you need to grow.

We can also reverse-engineer the code that John Doe wrote for you 5 years back and translate it to your preferred tool. At ironFocus, it is all about taking a custom approach to data science. It could be that you need to integrate SOQL with other tools in your ecosystem for better efficiency. It could also be that you only need optimization of existing SOQL code for better data aggregation. Whatever the case, we can build a plug-and-play solution for your enterprise.

As marketers who understand code, we can translate your data needs into stable, future-proof code that works smoothly across your organization.

Get access to granular marketing insights and more in-depth customer journey reports. Reach out for Salesforce funnel optimization with SOQL.

How the ironFocus team can customize you data solution:

  • Integrate SOQL with other tools for better efficiency
  • Optimize existing SOQL code for better data aggregation
  • Reverse-engineer current code and translate it to your preferred tool