T-SQL + ironFocus

Your relational databases use T-SQL to expand standard SQL commands. Poorly written T-SQL code can adversely affect the performance of your SQL server. There is also the conundrum of deciding between T-SQL and Data Flow when interacting with SQL servers. T-SQL integration is meant to solve those and other challenges for your enterprise to optimize your data analysis processes.

Our end-goal at ironFocus is to enable better funnel analytics for your business so you can make more informed strategic decisions.

Improve Data Analysis with T-SQL Integration

Most times, standard SQL commands are not enough to read and extract data from a relational database. This is particularly true as your business grows and you need deeper business insights. With T-SQL, you can build applications within the SQL Server, which can then be used to read and write data to a database. Building applications with T-SQL can be tricky, and that’s where we come in.

We understand sales and marketing funnels. And we have worked with businesses across different industries. 

We intuitively understand the kind of queries you will need to run on your database in the present and in the future. Based on that information, we handle T-SQL integration for your enterprise to elevate your data analysis capabilities.

One of the goals with T-SQL at ironFocus is to improve your marketing attribution models. Attribution models can be key to optimizing your marketing campaigns. Advanced first-touch and multi-touch attribution models tell you where to spend your marketing dollars. 

With targeting T-SQL programming, we enable your business to fetch important data from relational databases that can then be combined with other data points across your enterprise for in-depth analysis.

We can also reverse engineer your existing T-SQL applications, if needed, and optimize them for better SQL performance.

Let us help you get more out of your data investments. You might be sitting on a goldmine of business insights that you aren’t tapping into, yet.

How ironFocus T-SQL Integration Works

Every business is unique, with its own set of goals. And these goals define the data they need and the kind of data analysis they run. For any T-SQL integration project, the first step is to study the data structures you have in place. We will analyze your databases, the kind of data you are storing, and how you are storing it. We will do this analysis vis-a-vis your sales and marketing processes, as well as your customer journeys.

Based on this information, we will work with your T-SQL applications to meet the data needs of your enterprise. Sometimes, we might not even need to write T-SQL applications from scratch. We will take your existing code and optimize it for marketing performance. It all depends on where you are right now in relation to your data needs and where you should be to achieve higher business growth.

We will even advise you if T-SQL is the best method for you to interact with your databases, or you might do better with Data Flow. Similarly, we will tell you if T-SQL cursors have a place in your architecture and how best to use them.

At the end of the day, it is about optimizing your marketing funnels with the right set of data insights.

Take your data analysis capability to the next level. Reach out for funnel optimization with T-SQL.

The ironFocus team will :

  • Study your current data structures
  • Analyze your databases and storage
  • Configure T-SQL applications to meet your needs
  • Advise you on how to utilize T-SQL to meet goals