Drupal + ironFocus

Drupal, with its modular architecture, is great for building scalable web apps. However, in a modern enterprise, there are several different technologies, each with their own programming language and protocols. Each app in your technology ecosystem collects data, which can hold useful customer insights. At ironFocus we customize your Drupal websites and apps so they talk with your marketing automation tools, CRMs, accounting systems, and the rest.

We can reverse engineer existing code to optimize data and marketing analysis. We can write custom Drupal modules from scratch, too – whatever it takes to enable better business insights for you.

Unlock Deeper Customer Insights with Drupal

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Customer journeys are increasingly getting fragmented, and so are enterprise tech ecosystems. A typical business uses a suite of apps for different sales and marketing tasks – from lead generation to automated marketing campaigns, and re-marketing to existing customers. 

Tools can have different protocols and data formats, which can lead to data challenges. The same goes for your Drupal website and applications.

Inconsistencies in data sharing between different apps in your tech suite can lead to wasted marketing dollars. Data inconsistencies lead to inaccurate marketing attribution. Marketing attribution models are the backbone of digital marketing. They tell you how your customers are responding to your marketing campaigns and where you should be putting your marketing dollars.

We solve your data inconsistencies between Drupal and your tech stack so you get more accurate insights into customer behavior. Deeper, more accurate customer insights are useful for making strategic business decisions that inform the overall growth trajectory of your enterprise.

At ironFocus, we help you unlock the full potential of your Drupal apps. We make them an integral part of your data strategy. Unleash the growth potential of your enterprise. You might be missing out on key insights that you aren’t even aware of.

How ironFocus Works With Drupal

So you use Drupal with custom code, maybe even written by employees that have since moved on. You almost certainly have a bunch of cloud-enabled apps that are highly scalable and available. Getting the two categories of tools to work together is tricky. Whatever your exact situation is, we can help you out.

Any Drupal project at ironFocus begins with carefully studying your IT ecosystem and how the data is structured within it. Based on the analysis, we optimize the necessary parts to bring all your customer data together into one, unified view. That may entail reverse-engineering your existing Drupal apps to optimize code; or creating a completely new, Drupal-based central data hub for your enterprise.

Every business is structured differently. We take your uniqueness into account to deliver funnel optimization for all Drupal solutions that solve data challenges for your enterprise. Each decision is meant to add value to your sales and marketing funnels.

The ultimate goal is to optimize your funnels so you are analyzing the right KPIs for your business, improving customer retention rates, and focusing on the right analytics.

Let’s take your data analytics game to the next level. Reach out to us for sales and funnel optimization for your Drupal application.

How the ironFocus team will work through your Drupal project:

  • We study your IT ecosystem and current data structure
  • We unify and optimize all customer data
  • We may redesign existing apps or create brand new data hub