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Gravity Forms is a WordPress add-on that helps businesses improve functionality through professional, high-level forms. This vastly improves interactivity with customers and has the potential to increase website monetization. At ironFocus we work with Gravity Forms as part of your sales funnel to provide better visibility into your sales and marketing process

But how do you best use Gravity Forms in a sales funnel? Often there are a number of ways this simple integration can offer a high level of return on investment — from making it easier to receive payments to using data to create a CRM. In spite of these optimal uses, and perhaps because of them within Gravity Forms, many businesses fail to discover and utilize its full potential.

This is the role of ironFocus: to help your business to unpack and benefit from all that Gravity Forms can provide. Your company may already be on the Gravity Forms bandwagon, but not have the expert information you need to understand the full breadth of potential integrations. The team of consultants at ironFocus step in to fill the gaps.

The result is what we at ironFocus do best: help you get optimal data to support sales, marketing, advertising and customer retention.

Integrating Gravity Forms

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Gravity Forms has a number of unique features that make it particularly adaptable to the needs of individual businesses.It features a long list of integrations that make the entire website experience seamless.

There are payment integrations through PayPal and Stripe, and the potential to create quizzes, polls, and surveys. You can also use Gravity Forms to optimize your workplace communication through Slack and other brand name solutions.

But what does your business actually need? Often, it’s a more complicated question than it appears on the surface. You can stick to the basics, but are you collecting the data needed for proper marketing attribution.

One of those main features of Gravity Forms is the ease with which you can gather raw data, knowing what data to collect and how to analyze it is often the key to business growth and expansion.

The ironFocus Approach to Gravity Forms Integrations & Data

At ironFocus we help clients to get the most out of their existing solutions. That means harnessing the data you already have access to, through Gravity Forms and the rest of your tech stack, and identifying gaps in the data you are collecting. With the right integrations and analytical processes, businesses can get the information they need to improve sales and marketing and drive revenue growth.

At ironFocus, we know data — but our expertise is sales, marketing, and customer retention. These are the nuts and bolts of business strategy, but often feel intangible. In this era of big data, one can transform information from simplified points into in-depth analysis that helps you to market your business, drive more sales, and keep your existing customers happy.

We start by looking at your use of Gravity Forms and recommending new ways to use the solution to support your objectives. As independent consultants, we are committed to the success of your business, and can help you to find an alternative to Gravity Forms if you feel it’s not the right financial software for you.

Talk to us today to see how we can help you improve your return on investment in your data. Whether it’s with Gravity Forms or another solution, we can work with on your path to success.

Multi-faceted expertise within the ironFocus team:

  • Data and Analytics
  • Sales/Admissions
  • Marketing
  • Customer Retention