WordPress + ironFocus

Your WordPress-driven website or e-commerce platform can be a treasure trove of data. With WordPress plugins, you can automate a lot of data capture, including newsletter signups and social media engagement. When this data is mined properly for insights, it can tell you a lot about your customers. That’s where ironFocus comes in.

At ironFocus, we integrate WordPress with the rest of your technology stack so you start to understand your target audience better. With custom WordPress integration, you get a better picture of how advertising, traffic, email marketing, form signups, live chat, and other marketing tools are contributing to the growth of your business.

WordPress Integration for Better Data Insights

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Every engagement with your WordPress website generates data and moves your customer through the sales process. This data tells you something about your target audience. Individual pieces of data can be useful but they don’t give you the full picture. 

An incomplete picture results in inaccurate marketing attribution models, and ultimately, wasted marketing dollars.

With WordPress, we bring all of your customer data together so you can make better business decisions. For example, we can integrate WordPress with your existing CRM such that every marketing action is automatically logged in. This includes automated emails, interactions with popups, and even engagement with chatbots. Coupled with integrating other tools in your tech stack, such as social media analytic tools, you start to build a more cohesive data set.

This enables more accurate single-touch and multi-touch attribution models, which are key to getting the most out of your marketing dollars.

Our WordPress full funnel optimization is informed by what your sales and marketing funnels need. The end-goal is to give your enterprise access to crucial information about your customers that you might be missing out on. We are the catalyst that can unlock better conversion rates and explosive growth for your business.

How ironFocus Works With WordPress

It all starts with understanding customer journeys, your unique tech stack, and what data points you are capturing. We align all of that with your business goals to come up with a data solution that will maximize your marketing investments. Be it WordPress or any other funnel optimization project, we can build custom solutions that address your business challenges.

It could be that your WordPress website needs to be integrated with your CRM to enable better analytics. It could be that data from WordPress isn’t being fully captured by your analytics tools, leading to incomplete marketing insights. In every case, we can help you out.

We have an in-depth understanding of data technology. And we have extensive experience with funnel marketing. We bring the two together to optimize business functions and unlock the full potential of your customer data.

Find out if your business can benefit from ironFocus’s WordPress full funnel optimization. Contact us for WordPress services.

The expertise of the ironFocus team includes:

  • Data technology
  • Funnel marketing
  • Business goals optimization
  • Customer data