The most common organization to audit your agency or internal team is another agency that wants your business.  Their audit is 100% biased. We provide you an unbiased data driven marketing audit that will improve the performance of your team and agency partners.

Marketing Full-Funnel Visibility & Data Health Assessment Audit

You must be able to see every marketing channel, medium, and source from click to revenue in order to properly optimize marketing spend for the greatest return.  This requires unified data from ad platforms, website, CRMs, revenue recognition systems, and the Accounting GL to name a few.   We will:

  • Map every step of your funnel
  • Determine data definition for each step in your funnel
  • Identify the source systems that each step of your funnel resides in
  • Meet with your staff to catalog knowledge gaps and desired KPIs currently not available
  • Analyze the availability and integrity of data points and KPIs needed
  • Develop an actionable gap analysis providing a clear data maturity path to full-funnel visibility

Marketing Performance Audit

We will meet with your team to understand performance goals for leads, customer acquisition, revenue, retention, etc.  We will formulate an audit strategy that bases performance finding on facts and data rather than emotions or belief. We will provide:

  • Recommendations & Strategy for Search Engine Optimization
  • Recommendations & Strategy for Paid Search (PPC)
  • Recommendations & Strategy for Paid Leads & Aggregators (PPL)
  • Recommendations & Strategy for Display Advertising
  • Recommendations & Strategy for Paid & Organic Social Advertising

Audits will include move forward marketing strategy recommendations for each channel to include both agency and internal team action plans.   Plans focus on Cost Per Customer Acquisition (CPS) reduction while maintaining or improving average lifetime revenue value (LVT).   Product specific marketing effectiveness will be addressed at the macro level.     

Marketing Performance Audit – Product Offering Deep Dive

We will meet with your team to understand performance goals “by product” for leads, customer acquisition, revenue, retention, etc.  We will review current PPC, SEO, PPL, and Display/Social efforts in support of those product plans.   Deliverables are the same as the “Marketing Performance Audit” above but will be product specific at the micro level.

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