It’s Cheaper to Retain than to Gain

Your existing customer base is just as important as your future leads. Creating repeat customers and brand loyalty is an important piece of your company’s on-going success. Our team can use your data to find insights that will allow you to build customer loyalty.

Customer Retention Data Services

The key to customer retention is proactively managing predictive risk indicators. In this digital age your customers are generating massive amounts of data that give you clear insights into their intent and longevity. However, it’s a big data problem. That data resides in web properties, financial systems, customer facing systems, and must be aggregated to develop attrition risk indicators.

The ironFocus team can aggregate disparate data sources, fine tune predictive attrition indicators, and provide insights that will have you proactively managing retention. In fact, you may just know that the customer is at risk before they do!

Our customer retention services:

• Customer Data Platform (CDP) Solutions
• Customer Segmentation & Strategy
• Predictive Customer Attrition Reporting & Analytics
• Proactive Risk Alerting & Response Data
• Customer Retention Team Accountability & Performance Metrics

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