Attribution modeling is a must to optimize growth in your marketing and sales funnel. However, navigating the numerous systems and approaches can be both overwhelming and costly. Choosing the right attribution model requires data maturity and should be customized to your company. We partner with you to design and implement a tailored attribution model that delivers measured results and ROI.

Attribution Integration Across All Systems

Every digital visitor to your web properties carries with them a wealth of attribution data points. Extracting this data at the right time and storing it in the right place is critical to a successful model. However, most institutions are relying solely on Google Analytics or marketing automation platforms to do this for them. These systems are great! However, it’s very difficult to leverage the data for a true ROI without a tailored approach for your exact business. In many cases the company is only able to attribute web transactions like visits or form submissions (leads). The real attribution value is in sales and revenue.

We work with you across all websites, micro–sites, landing pages, and digital systems to ensure that custom tracking is implemented. We then work with you to pass this data forward with each step of the customer journey down your funnel. This involves integrating your web properties with marketing automation systems, CRMs, revenue recognition systems, and all other systems in your customer life-cycle.

Full-Funnel Attribution Modeling (Beyond the Lead)

Attribution modeling is not as simple as being able to attribute a lead to a marketing source. We take you beyond lead to attribute each and every step of the customer funnel from click to profitable revenue. In addition, we tie them back to the numerous marketing and sales touch points that influenced it (multi-touch). You will be able to attribute the actual earned revenue a particular search phrase has generated you. Imagine that!

Attribution Modeling in Your Business Language

An advantage of our custom approach is that you don’t have to adopt the language or vernacular of a system you purchased. We design a strategy that maintains your company’s terms and definitions for each step of the customer funnel. If a school wants to know the marketing cost per new student, should they be forced to call it a “Cost Per Acquisition”? Business language is important and we believe attribution modeling should speak your language and use your foundation.

Attribution Modeling that Actually Grows Your Business

Attribution modeling is something you can own, but that doesn’t really influence your marketing and sales strategy. You may able to view linear, time-decay, and position-based attribution models in Google Analytics. Is that data growing your business on a daily basis? Data collection is very different than data integration. We help you collect the right data, audits it’s accuracy, and integrate it into your funnel strategy to yield measurable growth. This upgrades the shiny toy that you own to a proven growth catalyst.

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