Women In Analytics
f you’re a woman in the analytics field – or just someone who wants to know the latest and greatest […]
Company sales data
Every company needs to track its sales, marketing efforts, and customer behavior. Setting that up is the easy part, but […]
digital analytics trends
Digital technologies have reshaped the business landscape of countless industries, dramatically boosting productivity and efficiency. Yet far too many companies […]
Funnel Analytics
Funnel analysis is the process of telling you who bailed and when -- but most importantly, why.
Introduction Capturing web analytics data about how users interact with your website may be one of the most crucial tasks […]
Customer Loyalty Analytics
We are living in the world of big data. Businesses are popping up everywhere, and customers have a variety of options available. Understanding customer loyalty analytics is the key to improving your customer experience. An improved experience makes for long-term happy customers.
digital marketing funnel
More and more people are turning to the internet for products/ services. This has forced businesses to understand the importance of using a digital marketing funnel. Some of its significant benefits to your business include.
Fortunately, companies with a SQL license can utilize SQL Server Reporting Services at no additional cost to visualize and analyze marketing data.
CDP solutions provide an all-in-one platform where marketers can visualize the entire customer journey from click to revenue.
More and more businesses are looking to make marketing analytics consulting essential. It not only helps bridge the gap in marketing data but also in extracting business insights.