Prescriptive analytics is a relatively new field of data science that uses predictive modeling and machine learning to provide actionable […]
Incrementality isn't something you hear about as often as some other marketing metrics. That is because there's still plenty of confusion about how it works - or even what it is. Incrementality is a specific version of AB split testing. Split testing that focuses on the increase of key purchase indicators and measures the conversion rate.
Deep learning is something that can be difficult to keep up with. It is an area of technology that is […]
Customer retention is dependent on a number of factors. The ability to interact one-on-one with the company is an important […]
Data, and tools to analyze that data have been around for quite a while, now. If you have ever run […]
From self-driving cars to manufacturing robots and virtual assistants, the AI revolution is firmly underway. According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, 84 […]
Powered by the digital revolution, the world of content marketing looks very different than it did 20 or even 5 […]
Sales funnels are critical tools for analyzing a business. Funnel analysis yields important data sets in funnel reporting. This data […]
It is important to understand the difference between KPIs and metrics. Read on to learn the difference and which ones will grow your business.
At the heart of this major change lies the revolutionary technology of machine learning. Machine learning enables marketers to predict consumer trends based on big data, which is processed to create hyper personalized services. There are many reasons why machine learning is all the hype these days. For starters