In 2022, there is data everywhere. Too much data. Handling it all can be overwhelming and with such an abundance […]
Prescriptive analytics is a relatively new field of data science that uses predictive modeling and machine learning to provide actionable […]
Incrementality isn't something you hear about as often as some other marketing metrics. That is because there's still plenty of confusion about how it works - or even what it is. Incrementality is a specific version of AB split testing. Split testing that focuses on the increase of key purchase indicators and measures the conversion rate.
Fortunately, companies with a SQL license can utilize SQL Server Reporting Services at no additional cost to visualize and analyze marketing data.
You can’t make smart business decisions in today’s high-tech environment without SQL reporting tools that help you understand data. Businesses […]
Data, and tools to analyze that data have been around for quite a while, now. If you have ever run […]
Sales funnels are critical tools for analyzing a business. Funnel analysis yields important data sets in funnel reporting. This data […]
It is important to understand the difference between KPIs and metrics. Read on to learn the difference and which ones will grow your business.
When you design an ad campaign, many of the variables you choose to use may seem arbitrary. However, even minor changes such as color, font, or image selection can make a substantial difference in converting visitors or followers to customers. Before you commit to a single ad concept or pitch wording, test your advertising to see just how effective it can be.
It might sound a little dry, but even math-challenged people can master predictive analytics. Here is what you need to know.