Amazon Aurora + ironFocus

A cloud-based relational database, Amazon Aurora combines the best of two worlds – reliability of enterprise databases and the economical scalability of open-source databases. It is a really powerful database engine that makes for a great addition to your customer data platform.

However, to fully realize the potential of Amazon Aurora, or any other database, for that matter, it needs to integrate with the rest of your tech stack as part of an overall customer data strategy. Your database should be able to receive data from apps and be used in sync with a data warehouse for analysis. And it should do that efficiently.

That’s where we come in. At ironFocus, we can integrate Amazon Aurora with the rest of your marketing, sales, and customer retention data ecosystem. Customer data is gold and we don’t let any of it go to waste.

Amazon Aurora Integration for Better Data Flow

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Right out of the box, Amazon Aurora is a low-latency, high fault-tolerance database that is perfect for housing customer data, from initial impression to revenue. It can help you establish full-funnel analytics. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. It can be so much more.

For instance, with Amazon Aurora and other data pipeline tools, you can sync data from ad platforms, CRMs, ERPs, accounting systems, and a lot more.  Through such integrations, you can create a customer data foundation that fuels the dashboards, analytics, and reports you need to grow your business.

Similarly, you can benefit from optimizing Aurora integrations with other databases in your system, which might comprise social media apps, and third-party tools. Such integrations improve marketing attribution models by optimizing the flow of data to and from Aurora.

At ironFocus, we optimize and integrate Amazon Aurora to meet your business goals for customer growth and retention. Faster query speeds, better monitoring capabilities, and integrations with other tools are all important.  However, all of that needs to fulfill the ultimate business goal – producing customer insights that lead to better business decisions. We bridge the gap between the technical side and the outcomes you desire.

Let’s help you get the most out of your customer data. There might be leaks that you aren’t even aware of.

How ironFocus Amazon Aurora Integration Works

It all starts with understanding your customer journeys and the insights you need to better invest in marketing, sales, and customer retention. We take stock of your current tech ecosystem together with your data maturity goals. Based on the analysis, we suggest the most efficient way to get the maximum out of Amazon Aurora. We make sure it can deliver the data insights you need to grow your business.

We never follow the one-size-fits-all approach. Every Amazon Aurora integration project is different. It could be that you need to integrate Aurora with other tools to get insights that your business requires. It could also be that you need to make Aurora your central database so that data from your entire ecosystem flows into it. Similarly, optimization of your ETL pipeline from Aurora to a data warehouse could prove immensely beneficial. Whatever is the case, ironFocus can help you achieve it, using Amazon Aurora as part of the overall data strategy.

We handle the coding side of things. But we also understand marketing, sales, and other systems that support your customer journey. We can step in to do CRM administration to produce data points that will eventually make their way into Amazon Aurora, and later, to a dashboard. We take care of you the entire way. Every integration project is customized to your strategic goals so you can start realizing the full potential of customer data.

Let’s elevate your data analysis capabilities. Reach out to us for help with Amazon Aurora integrations.

What our team can handle:

  • Coding and integration
  • Optimization for sales and marketing
  • CRM administration
  • Dashboard creation