Your data holds a treasure-trove of information about your audience. By understanding your customer and their path through the funnel on a granular level, you will be able to customize your marketing strategies and  optimize your investment.

Marketing Data Services

You must be able to see every marketing channel, medium, and source from click to revenue in order to properly optimize marketing spend for the greatest return. This requires unified data from ad platforms, web properties, CRMs, revenue recognition systems, and the Accounting GL to name a few.

The ironFocus team is uniquely equipped to provide you insights that will optimize your marketing efforts. We can connect the dots between your marketing platforms, staff, IT department, agency partners, data sources and company leadership.

Our marketing services include:

• Attribution Auditing & Repair
• Attribution Modeling & Strategy

• Full-funnel Reports & Analytics
• Prospect & Customer Segmentation 
• MarTech & CRM Data Integrations
• Custom Marketing Dashboards
• Trend & Opportunity Analysis
• Automated Forecasting & Predictive Insights

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